The company's vision is to become one of the significant companies in the Southeastern region of Europe in the crude oil and petroleum products transport activities, so as to become known in the region for efficient, quality and reliable pipeline transport and crude oil and petroleum products storage.


Business, technical and commercial contracting with existing and potential partners and entities in the field of oil and oil products pipeline transportation, as well as  development of the pipeline systems in whole;Reliable, preventive, current and investment maintenance of the existing oil pipeline transportation system and the related infrastructure objects, facilities and equipment;the increase of storage capacities by investing  and cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, Directorate for Petroleum Supply and through Public - Private PartnershipPermanent education and improving of the professional, instructive and executive acquirements and working skills;Continuous implementation and use of all technical collective and personal means of protection, as well as the consistent application of the environmental regulation measures;Specifying and implementing of the Quality Management System in all business functions of the Company; Optimal and rational management of all business functions of the Company in order to achieve more efficient and profitable work and development;Encouraging of potential business partners and investors from the country and abroad for participation in the planned and prospective development.